2012 AZ State Road Race

Hello and BIG THANKS to all WMRC Volunteers and friends for helping to promote the 2012 AZ State Road Race April 21!!

Everyone set aside the fond memories from last year, took their weekend off, stayed overnight in Wickenburg, drove up in the wee hours - and then spent the day providing the bicycle racing community the opportunity to compete and race their bicycles.

2012 WMRC State Bicycle Road Race - Call For Volunteers!!‏

Hello Hardy Volunteer Souls: Some of you may already have heard - but the 2012 Arizona State Bicycle Road Race Championship promoted by the White Mountain Road Club will be APRIL 21 - should not have the heat we did last year in August - but snow??!!
If you are ready, willing and able, please contact the two Volunteer Coordinators below:
Kevin La Ra (kevin@wmrc.org)
Joe Statt (joe@wmrc.org)

Volunteers needed for the 2012 State Championship RR!

Hello fellow club members,

April 21st is the date set for the 2012 State Championship Road Race for Arizona, and will once again be hosted in Hillside by none other than - you guessed it - WMRC, the backbone of cycling in Arizona!

To pull this off, we need your help. There are a number of different positions available, including registration, course marshals, feed zone, follow-vehicles, etc. We will be posting the specifics in due course, so please plan to come out and volunteer. You can even still race it!

Thanks in advance,

Joe Statt

VO2 Max and/or Power Testing

White Mountian Road Club received the following inquiry from John Camoriano, a physician at Mayo Clinic as he and his colleagues are interested in conducting a study in cyclists on the effect of statins (a class of cholesterol-lowering medication) on fitness. Please contact John directly if you are interested.


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